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Turneul noii orchestre de cameră şi corului Filarmonicii de Stat "Banatul"

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Turneul noii orchestre de cameră şi corului Filarmonicii de Stat „Banatul” din Timişoara cu “Patimile după Matei” (J. S. Bach)

Dirijor: Raymond Janssen

Solişti: Alina Todea, Daniel Zah, Cristian Ardelean, Natalya Datsko

Spectacolele vor avea loc în perioada 20-28 martie 2010 la Amsterdam (Concertgebouw şi Westerkerk), Leiden, Alkmaar, Haarlem, Gouda, Zaandam şi Houthem St. Gerlach

OFERTĂ SPECIALĂ la spectacolul de la Concertgebouw (sala mare), Amsterdam, 25 martie 2010, ora 20.15:
Reducere de 30% pentru persoanele care au aflat despre eveniment prin intermediul Ambasadei României la Haga, preţ de intrare: 55 euro*, preţ cu reducere: 38,50 euro* *excl. costuri de rezervare.
Rezervare prin SEE Tickets, tel. 0900-1353 (45 cpm) cu precizarea "Genodigde Ambassade"

Detalii despre turneu, rezervări şi bilete:

The St. Matthew Passion is known as one of the phenomenal musical creations ever. Composer Johann Sebastian Bach was an adept in creating imaginary compositions. He took the text for the Passion right from the Bible. Nowhere in the world this masterpiece is so popular as in the Netherlands. True to the tradition, the New Romanian Chamber Orchestra & Choir as well as soloists will perform the St. Matthew Passion full of brightness, style and drama under the direction of the Dutch conductor Raymond Janssen. Fans from Austria, Italy, France and Spain where already affected by this wonderful interpretation.

The St. Matthew Passion tells the story of the Passion and Death of Jesus according to St. Matthew. The audience will be immediately surprised by the bombastic opening choir, whereupon the tenor will be the continuous factor in this beautiful piece of music. Bach composed his Passion with fascinating chorals, poignant arias and pathetic choir parts. The diversity of this masterpiece will captive the audience till the last note.

The State Philharmonic „Banatul” Timişoara comes again to the Netherlands in March 2010 on the initiative of Cadenza European Art Production under the management of Raymond Janssen. Three performances of the St. Matthew Passion have been planned in Amsterdam at the Concertgebouw and Westerkerk. Other concerts take place in Leiden, Alkmaar, Haarlem, Gouda, Zaandam and Houthem St Gerlach (near Maastricht). It promises to be a gripping performance especially since this time not the romantic repertoire (well known for the Romanian Orchestra’s) but Bach will be performed.

Cadenza European Art Productions brings 80 musicians – choir, orchestra and soloists – to the Netherlands in cooperation with EJB Entertainment as follow up on the extremely successful Christmas Concerts (16) which took place in December 2009 with the New Romanian Chamber Orchestra and Choir. This chamber orchestra, which presented themselves in such a consummate way, was composed of musicians from the State Philharmonic Banatul Timişoara. Also the album, recordings of the Christmas Concerts, was received with great enthusiasm by the audience as well as the press.

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